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Energy Management System in cement industry (PDF)
Energy Management System in glass industry (PDF)
Energy Management System in steel industry (PDF)
Energy Management System in beverage industry (PDF)
Energy Management System for multi-purpose facilities (PDF)
Energy Management System for shopping and logistic centers (PDF)
Energy Management System for hospitals (PDF)
Energy Management for metal processing (PDF)
Energy Management System for hotels (PDF)
Energy Management for logistic provider (PDF)
Energy Management for air domes – facility management (PDF)
Energy Management for public buildings (PDF)
Energy Management for telecommunication industry (PDF)

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Solvera Lynx is a regional leader in industrial energy efficiency management with major focus on custom-made solutions. We provide innovative EM system architect for technical fields in energy, manufacturing, infrastructure, and transport. We are a provider of custom-made EM solutions based on state-of-the-art products (software & hardware) developed in-house. We operate as a technical pioneer, incorporating three pillars of modern energy practices: energy monitoring, energy efficiency, and energy flexibility.