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Energiemanagement bei Ensinger Mineral-Heilquellen (PDF - Case Study)
Globus SB-Warenhaeuser: Anwenderbericht Energiemanagement (PDF - Case Study)
Oskar Frech: Anwenderbericht Prozessoptimierung und Energiemanagement für den Druckguss (PDF - Case Study)
EVU, Stadtwerke: Vom Energielieferanten zum Energiepartner (PDF - Article)
Industrie 4.0 ready: Energieeinsatz, Produktion und Prozesse optimieren (PDF - Article)
Energiedatenerfassung von Maschinen und Anlagen (PDF - Article)
Mit Energie in die vernetzte Fabrik (PDF - Article)
Temporäre Messungen: Einsatz für Energieeffizienz-Maßnahmen und Systeme (PDF - Article)
Energy Management in energy intensive industry (PDF - Case Study)

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econ solutions is an intuitive and professional solution for the operational energy management. More than 250 industrial and commercial enterprises, utilities and public utilities as well as machine and plant manufacturers already rely on the products and employees of econ solutions. The individually interpretable "econ" system allows the energy data speak and makes them evaluable. So companies and businesses get transparency as a basis for process optimization, cost control and significant savings in energy costs. The guiding principle "simplicity" applies to the installation, commissioning, use and application of the "econ" system.